Monday, September 9, 2019

Magic Streets book two updates !

Hello writers and readers!  

Good news for the book two of Magic Street trilogy !  

Editing is on the way and cover is already finish ! 

Long process always, with never ending reads re-reads, editing, checking again for mistakes, punctuation etc. 

The thing i want to reveal is that Jack will be in London on this second part of the trilogy. 

Be prepared to another big adventure, there will be lot of old and new places to discover for the 
london lovers.

Magic will be always the principal theme of the story with the Magic Streets of course.

I haven't fixed the publishing date, could be probably november of december.

London is  a city full of history and i think you will like it reading it, also Jack was surprised to discover things of London that he didn't know!  

If you didn't read book one of Magic Streets you can buy at the link below, so you are updated on Jack first adventure in Prague and ready for the London new adventure! 

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Friday, August 30, 2019

15 Facts about amazon forest you didn't know

15 Facts About The Amazon You Didn't Know

Facts About the Amazon Rainforest

1. The Amazon is arguably the longest river in the world at 6,992 km, and contains more water than the Mississippi, Nile, and Yangtze combined.

2. The name 'Amazon' was given by Spanish explorer Francisco Orellana, after he was attacked by female warriors named theIcamiabas, or 'women without husbands'. He compared them to the Amazons of Greek mythology.

3. The Amazon delivers 55 million gallons of water into the Atlantic ocean every second.

4. More than 20% of the world's oxygen is produced by the Amazon rainforest.
Rainforest Deforestation

5. If Amazonia were a country, it would be the 9th largest in the world, measuring in at a whopping 2.5 million square miles.

6. 25% of all western pharmaceuticals come from rainforest based ingredients, yet less than 1% of the trees and plants in the Amazon have ever been tested by scientists.

7. The Amazon rainforest contains more than 3,000 fruits. Only 200 of these are consumed in the western world.

8. More than 80% of the world's food has its origins in the Amazon rainforest.

9. One hectare (2.47 acres) of the rainforest can contain more than 750 types of tree, and 1,500 types of plant.

10. The Amazon rainforest can be found in 9 South American countries; Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia and the three Guyanas.

11. The rainforest floor is very dark, with less than 1% of the light making it through the canopy of the trees.
12. Due to deforestation, it is estimated we are making more than 137 species extinct every day!

13. Whilst deforestation has slowed in recent years, the Amazon rainforest is still disappearing at a rate of 1.5 acres every second, meaning the Amazon will be completely destroyed within 40 years if deforestation continues at the current rate.

14. Around 30% of our carbon emissions come from burning the Amazon rainforest.

15. In 2006 geologists studying the speed at which the Amazon carried sediments out to sea found, to their surprise, that the oldest sediments they found were upstream of their source. They soon realized that, until the Cretaceous Period, the Amazon actually flowed backward, east to west! It wasn’t until the Andes Mountains began their rise 100 million years ago that the river reversed course and chose its current direction. 

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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Thunderlands, the new book of Stewart Bint.

Hello writers and readers, 
What's better than a new book to read for the weekend ? 
Here we go!  Thunderlands! the new book of my friend Stewart Bint !  
Below there is the description of Thunderlands, have a look! 

Aliens, Santa and Ghosts in New Book

What do Santa Claus, a frozen moment in time from four hours ago, a steam train, and a guy hanging around outside a bank, have in common?
Likewise, what does a jilted husband who's anxious to be convicted of asaulting his wife's lover have in common with a man who discovers a genie, a tentacled alien scientist with a two-foot long trunk and three eyes on stalks, and a pale girl lurking in a teenager's every dream?
Well, they all appear in author Stewart Bint’s latest book from Creativia Publishing. Thunderlands is an eclectic collection of 21 short stories, available both in paperback and e-format for Kindles and Kindle apps.
Stewart, who is also a Public Relations writer and has his own column in a local magazine, says: “The book has been described as a study of human nature. Readers will be able to relate to many of the situations, but then discover there’s something just a little unusual and different about them. 

One of the stories is about cyber bullying; another about a sad ghost looking for a friend; one about Santa Claus going on trial; and a story about an alien monster which eats children. There are even two poems.”
Literary critics have said the stories range from the sublime, through powerful, puzzling, funny, horrific and different, to the unforgivably ridiculous.
And Thunderlands has attracted praise from other authors. Fantasy novelist D.M. Cain says the stories form a diverse range of styles and genres, while W.R. Watkins says: “Each story is brilliant and unique.”
Sixty-three-year-old Stewart has four novels in print – To Rise Again, also from Creativia; along with The Jigsaw and the Fan, Timeshaft, and In Shadows Waiting, which are published by fantasy and science fiction specialists, Dragon Moon Press.
All of his books, and a number of anthologies to which he has contributed short stories, are available from his dedicated author page on Amazon:


Follow Stewart for be updated for his news about next books at:
you can buy Thunderlands here at link below

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Thursday, February 7, 2019

New book! The Quest by Karina Kantas

Hello writers and readers, 

Wishing you a nice weekend, I would like to let you know a new release 

The Quest
Book 2 of
Illusional Reality duology.

YA romantic fantasy the exciting concluding part of Illusional Reality.
Published by Asteri press 

The Quest in e-book will be released 14th February 2019.


When Hati notices a Tsinian crystal glowing, she knows she must stick to her word and return to her homeland as Thya. Knowing her kinsmen needed her, there was no hesitation. Even though there was more to lose than just her life.
Once more a prophesy informed the reader of oracles, that only Thya could stop the war and save not just her people, but the rest of Enumac from Kovon’s psychotic future plans.
Along with three other companions, Thya is sent on a perilous quest to locate a dark crystal which holds an evil known as the Dark Force. The group are tried and tested throughout their journey by monsters, death and courage. New friendships will be formed, and others lost. Thya’s power becomes stronger and a second will threatens to take over her mind body and soul.
A terrifying surprise waits for them in the city of Helkon.
Will they survive?
Will Thya return to Tsinia and for the final showdown with Kovon?

Find out by reading the thrilling concluding part of Illusional Reality.

The only film that grabbed my attention and held me there with an open mouth, was the amazing Lord of the Rings trilogy.

They said that whoever took that 3-book fantasy on, had to be crazy. Peter Jackson wasn't crazy, but he was a hobbit in his heart.

His vision and attention to detail just made this magical film pop.
It was after watching the first film, Fellowship of the Ring, that the story of Becky and her magical adventure took place in my mind, heart and soul.
By the time the 1hr journey from the cinema had ended I had the names, plot, conflicts, storyline, everything written in my head. and then as most writers know, once you're in the "zone" there is no stopping you. By the time the second film, Two Towers, book two, The Quest was again plotted in my mind and it didn’t take long to get the first draft on paper.

The Quest by Karina Kantas is the sequel to her book Illusional Reality. Becky is once again pulled from England back to the world of Tsinia where she is The Princess. Thya is Becky’s name in this astonishing fantasy world. Thya is the only one who can save her people and their land. They have been forced to leave their magical land and live in caves to survive. The world along with the characters are fleshed out even more with the addition of more monsters and characters and magic. You travel with Thya and a couple others through trials and tribulations which are expertly created to make their Quest either successful or a failure. Her magic becomes even stronger but alas there is a dark side to it that she has trouble controlling. This is a definite page turner. You will become completely invested in Thya and her companions surviving and making it back to Tsinia. The action is nonstop as Thya and her companions run into many intriguing problems. I loved both books. If you like fantasy worlds that take you away these are just the books you need.”
Karina Kantas is the author of the popular OUTLAW series.
Thrillers involving outlaw motorcycle clubs and the highly rated romantic fantasy ILLUSIONAL REALITY

She also writes short stories and when her imagination is working over time, she writes thought provoking dark flash fiction.

There are many layers to Karina's writing style and talent. As is displayed in her flash fiction collection, Heads & Takes. And in UNDRESSED she opens up more to her fans. Giving them another glimpse of her warped mind. 

When Karina isn't busy working on her next best seller, she's runs affordable indie author services. KKantas AuthorAssist. Social Media Consultant, Book Trailer designer, Narration, Branding and Logo design, Marketing and Promotion Manager, design and VA.

Karina writes in the genres of fantasy, romance, sci-fi, horror, thrillers and comedy.

Her inspirations are the author S.E.Hinton and the rock band Iron Maiden.
You can find her on Facebook and Twitter, where she loves hanging out with her readers 

Titles to date:

***The OUTLAW series***
In Times of Violence Urban thriller
Huntress MC thriller/romance
Lawless Justice Vigilante MC thriller
Road Rage MC thriller

Heads & Tales 28 short and flash fiction in all genres
UNDRESSED Collection of poetry, prose and flash fiction

Stone Cold YA Supernatural thriller
Illusional Reality Romantic fantasy

***Coming soon*** (maybe)
Broken Chains (MI5 thriller)
Predator (erotic horror)

FB fan page 





Amazon author page 

FB Illusional Reality book page  

Join Karina’s mailing list where you will receive a monthly newsletter with offers, latest news and more. All new subscribers receive a complimentary gift.

Buy The Quest in paperback and get the eBook of book one of Illusional Reality for free.


Please send proof of purchase to receive your free eBook. 




City of Helkon

The door to the cell unlocked and Thya stood up. King Theon slowly entered. Almost cautiously. With his hands on his hips, he tilted his head and his eyebrows creased. The king pointed to her and then to a bowl that his servant held out. Thya peered into it and saw the same glittery substance that she had used in the throne room. It seemed stupid to refuse him. She did as she was told and, once the spell touched her lips, Theon’s words became clear.
“Rotate,” he commanded.
She turned around as instructed. A Rant pushed her hair aside, exposing her bare back and neck.
“Tis so then,” Theon exclaimed.
Thya turned around to face him. “What is so?”

He bent his head to the side, and his eyes widened. “You are not aware?” He stepped back. “Yet you possess the ancient emblem.”
“What ancient emblem? Will you not reveal the significance?” She would not beg even though she needed answers.
Theon’s sudden change of behaviour concerned her. His stance and facial expressions went from awe to surprise, then almost to fear. His head tilted again, and his hand rested on his chin as he walked around her.
“Do you not comprehend your greatness? Do you not realize who you are?”
“Of course, I am Queen Thya of Tsinia, Guardian of the Changlins.”
“Have you not marvelled at the difference with yourself and that of other Ganties? Surely you have experienced strength and a will that cannot be bested?”
“With certainty.”
“You possess the emblem.”
“What emblem?”
“Upon your back.”
“Tis naught but a birthmark.”
“Nay, Queen. You are mistaken. The mark as you name it, is an emblem of exceptional greatness. I understand now why your thoughts were blocked from me. Immortality appears with a value. I wonder what you would bestow for the quest of eternal youth?”
Nothing he said made sense to her but, before she could demand answers, the King jumped up and down and rubbed his hands like an excited young boy. “I will present you to the Bustak, as homage,” he said, rubbing his hands together as a huge smile etched on his face.
His next words were foreign to her. The magic of the spell had worn off, so she just stood and watched the Rant and the king communicate, hoping to get an idea of what was going to happen next.
Theon grinned and patted the guard’s back. They spoke briefly and nodded their heads as they continued to stare at her. She wished she understood. Who or what was the Bustak? The name raised goose pimples on her arms, and the belief that this was, again, the end of the road for her returned.
The guard led her from the cell and back into the palace. There were no shackles, no Rant gripping her arms. They walked beside her but kept glancing at her. She ignored them and concentrated on calling out with her mind. Alkazar, my love, where are you? She repeated it over and over, with no knowledge of whether he could hear her but, if he had, there was no answer.


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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Win kindle books of Magic Streets!

Hello writers and readers, 

Would you like to have free kindle books of Magic Streets: Prague Bound book 1? 

Join the release book party of Magic Streets that will be held in on Facebook, click the link above

The Party is on  Courtney Cannon Unforgettables  group,  so just click join the group and you can be at the party

During the event there will be games and prizes, so you can win my book, and probably also books of other authors, so will be worth to join the party!  

Everyone welcome, I'm sure it will be lot of fun, and I can't wait to meet other authors and readers, I'm open to every question and also to share interests and other opinions with all the people who join the party.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

New release: Play the game by Karen Mossman

Hello  writers and readers, 

Today wanted to let you know about a new release !  

Play the Game 

Author Karen Mossman

Genre: Romantic/Suspense/Social Issues


Sometimes when your self esteem is low, it takes a special someone to build it up again.

Coping with a past tragedy, Stella lives on hope in the present. One day her dad will get well and return to the dad he always was.

Wandering the streets at night, she knows can be dangerous and yet cannot stop.

Kelly sees something lost inside her and knows she is keeping something from him.. He doesn’t want to scare her by telling her who he really is.

Shame is something hard to hide as Stella tells her own story.

Can Kelly save Stella, and will she finally reveal the truth? Then in one final twist, their fate is finally sealed.

Excerpt 1

Down by the arches, underneath the flyover I handed out sandwiches. “Here you are, here you go,” I repeated to bundles of blankets.
“Thanks,” muffled replies responded.
The noise of traffic from above didn’t matter to those sleeping rough. As I held my hand out with another, ‘Here you go,’ an arm shot out and a hand locked around my wrist. I squealed and tried to pull back but the grip was firm. A shadowy figure rose in front of me.
“Hello little girl,” said a voice as I tried to wrench my arm back again. He was wearing a tatty black woollen coat with sleeves that were a too short revealing grimy hands. His hair was thick and matted, sticking up like a perm gone wrong. His beard was also matted and his wild eyes told me he was on something. I gasped, my heart racing, my mouth suddenly dry.
“I eat little girls,” he said stepping out of the darkness as I stepped backwards.
“Let go, please let go,” I whimpered, knowing he wasn’t going to.
“Come with me, little precious.” He pulled me to the black shadows of an old building.
“No, please. Stop! Let go! Let go!” My pleading fell on deaf ears.
Out of the darkness came a voice. “Let her go.”
Pivoting round, my captor growled, “Says who?”
“Let her go,” the voice said again.
There was a movement, and another voice joined him. “Leave her alone, we said.”
“Oh yeah, two of you now. Wanna take me on, do you?” The man’s eyes lit up. “I’m up for a good fight.”
  Looking round wildly, I couldn’t see anything. I was so terrified, I sobbed 


Author Bio
Karen J Mossman lives on the lovely Isle of Anglesey just off the north Wales coast. “We have everything here, beautiful beaches, mountain views and stunning countryside.” Not bad for a girl brought up in the city. “The simple pleasures of walking my dogs in so many nice places has many health benefits. Being retired means that I can indulge in all the things I enjoy doing, including writing books.”
This is Karen’s 14th book, and part of the Electric Eclectic brand of books, novelettes aimed at introducing readers to new authors. They are also ideal for those who love to read but don’t have a lot of time. Besides her five Electric Eclectic books, Karen also has TheDecade Series, four books set in the 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s. The Themed Collection is three books and finally Just Stories has two.
Karen has been married for almost 40 years and has two children and three grandchildren.

You can find Play the Game here at the link below: 

Watch the booktrailer  

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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Magic Streets Released !

Hello writers and readers, 

Wanted to wish you all a very Happy New Year !  

A good start of the year is with a new book release !  

Finally Magic Streets  is out! I had some issues 
so i had to postpone the release but now the date is set ! 

February 2th !  Magic Streets  day release !    

You can pre order here: 



A little brief description of Magic Streets :

Photography has never been so dangerous for Jack. Excited to visit Prague, he's ready to action. But, photos isn't the only challenge that Jack will face. Blissfully unaware of the magic contained within the city of Prague, he stumbles upon a magic street. He didn't know he will be involved with a monster hunt with a tarot reader. Will Jack be able to face it or will the city be lost forever?  

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