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New book of Traci Sanders- Tips on publishing, marketing, and networking

Traci Sanders is a multi-genre, multi-award-winning author of ten published titles, with contributions to three anthologies. 

An avid blogger and supporter of Indie authors, she writes parenting, children's, romance, and nonfiction guides.

Her ultimate goal is to provide great stories and quality content for dedicated readers, whether through her own writing or editing works by other authors.

TIP 287: Networking with local authors to
build your fan base

**This tip, and many others on marketing and networking, can be found in Beyond The Book: Tips on publishing, marketing, and networking to build your brand, now available in digital and paperback format.

One way to build your brand in your area is to network with local authors. You can find them on social media quite often. 
On Facebook, you may see a group called “Texas Writers and Readers” or something like that. Or you can do a general search for “writers” or “readers” groups and then ask who lives near you.

You can also Google book clubs (physical book clubs) in your area and connect with local readers and/or writers.
The saying “there is power in numbers” is true. You may find local authors who are willing to do a multi-genre showcase or event with you. Perhaps at a local craft fair or an event hall that you rent. If several authors are participating, the cost could be significantly less. 

The lesser cost isn’t the only benefit to doing a multi-genre event. Having more options for a wider variety of readers will draw more attention to your table or booth. (something for everyone)
Don’t look at authors, even those who write in your same genre, as your competition. View them as allies in winning the war against the bad reputation Indie authors often receive. 

But there are a few things to keep in mind:
  1. Make sure you check out the other authors’ books on Amazon to ensure they align with the quality of yours. You wouldn’t want to be a Christian author who ends up having an erotic romance author show up with suggestive banners or book covers at a local church event you orchestrated.
  2. Make sure you all agree on splitting the cost of the event – table, venue rental, and even decor.
  3. Make sure you don’t overbook your table to the point that some books wouldn’t even be seen.
  4. Make sure you all take part in cleaning the place up when your event is over, to leave a good impression on the leasing representative, for future events.
  5. Try to talk with this person over the phone at least once to get a feel of his or her personality. Is she a Negative Nelly? Is he a Boisterous Bob? Does she run off at the mouth, dropping the f-bomb every few minutes? Does he tell racial jokes or demean women? These are not deal breakers for everyone, but like I said, make sure the people you choose to participate in your event, represent your standards, as they will be interacting with the same potential customers you do. Not to mention, you will be forced to sit beside these people for possibly several hours! Everyone needs to be professional.
Connecting with authors in your home town or nearby towns can be the beginning of beautiful friendships, critique groups, support systems, and hopefully increased sales – if it’s done right.

I've decided to give away two prizes during this tour:
*ONE unsigned paperback copy of Before You Publish - Volume I 
*ONE unsigned paperback copy of Beyond The Book - Volume II 
To enter, all you have to do is email me a proof of purchase of a digital copy of either of these two books during the tour.
I will draw TWO winners total, at the end of the tour.
Please email your proof of purchase (can be a screenshot) to
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