Saturday, May 2, 2015


Hello writers and readers, i would like to let you know about the Goodreads site. 
It's a very good site where authors meet readers, i have created my profile and i'm very happy of it. 
My book Hyperearth has got some nice reviews! so i write it down here, check out my profile on the link above, and who would like to ask me anything is welcome! 

Amazing, i liked a lot the story and the search of the items the girls used for fight the powerful sorcerer. Perfect choice for who likes fantasy genre but also for all too. by Max Perry

It's a cheery and fun story that is easy to read. It's a perfect book to read while you travel, or to read to your kids. by Cheyenne

Martina and Mary found the Khenon in the castle of Lubena, after that they arrive in another dimension/world... not the best they imagined, but soon they get habit of it. The plot is interesting and easy to read, hope others readers give it a chance because deserve it. by Dina

Loved this book, flying with fantasy in this mysterious land of Bosk. The two girls are brave and without fear, they like discover Hyperearth also if sometimes they miss home. by Kyla

This girls are brave, go to another dimension not easy thing.
I like them because are positive though they are far from home and they not give up.Interesting and amazing that's my judge!
by Natasha

This was a super easy but fun fantasy read. This type of book is not usually one I would pick up but after it was gifted to me from the author I felt like I should give it a chance. The story was well put together, and the characters were one dimensional but fun to read about. by KK Allen

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