Monday, May 4, 2015

Sunday Excerpt

Hello writers and readers, 
wishing a good sunday i post  another excerpt of Hyperearth: 

Martina and Mary found themselves looking forward to the next day. They were happy in Bosk, had made new friends, and the surprises they had encountered so far thrilled them. The next day began with Bear and Danni waiting for their two new companions, ready to trek out on a new adventure. Bear was already outside on the road, equipped with provisions for their journey. “Let’s get going!” He said eagerly to the group.
“Where are we going today?” Mary asked.
“We’re going to the caves of Angor,” Danni replied. “They’re close to here, and anyway, we have to cross them to reach the sea.”
After a half hour of walking, they had arrived. Like Bosk, the caves were a bit gloomy, and Martina was less motivated to enter them even though they piqued her curiosity. “Is everyone allowed to come here?” she asked Bear.
“Yes,” he replied. “Even Sathon. But it’s rare that he comes here. Now take out that stone that you have in your bag.”
“It lights up!” Mary remarked, surprised.
“So we can see in the dark,” Bear explained. “It’s a special mineral called Barton that glows in the dark.” The Barton stone managed to do its job and the group was able to see quite well.
“We’ll encounter some unexpected things,” Danni warned the two girls. “But don’t worry. We’ll be okay.” The girls looked at each other with apprehensive smiles, and continued to follow their companions through the cave. The group reached a small bridge constructed of wood and woven rope, which appeared to not be the most secure of structures to cross.
“Be careful,” Bear warned them. “Some of these wooden parts are broken, so be sure not to step on them, and hold on tight.”
They began to cross the bridge with Bear leading, walking briskly to avoid the gaps and broken pieces of the bridge. Following him was Martina, then Mary, then Danni, and then Hennig. As she crossed, Mary furtively looked through a hole in the bridge, holding her breath as she beheld the sharp rocks and torrents of water below.
“Mary, don’t look down. Let me give you a hand,” Hennig offered from behind her.
“Thanks, Hennig,” Mary managed to say between nervous breaths as she reached the end of the bridge, realizing she didn’t need his help.
They continued on throughout the cave and reached a fork in the road, where they turned right. The cave interior was cold but damp, and the group walked beside a rocky stream of water that shimmered in gold and a rainbow of colors. The group reached a statue carved out of the wall, depicting a soldier with armor made of iron and steel.
“We can’t go forward,” Bear advised the group. “Part of the path is broken. But we can swing from a rope to the other side of the trail. The gap is only ten feet.” 


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