Friday, February 20, 2015

Monday excerpt

Hello there!  here is the excerpt of my book Hyperearth, where the girls Mary and Martina first met Sathon the magician.

Out of the fog above the lake, a light appeared. And from that light, a boat emerged, with none other than Sathon standing on it with open arms. The boat approached, moving on its own, and a bright white and yellow aura framed Sathon’s form. After the small boat reached the shore, Sathon rose slightly in the air and descended down to the ground.
“Where is Mulley?” Bear demanded of Sathon.
“You can do whatever you want to obstruct me, Bear. But you already know it’s useless,”
Sathon replied contemptuously with his hoarse voice.
“I do my best, Sathon,” Bear retorted.
Sathon said nothing, and it seemed as if his eyes began to twinkle. Suddenly, he moved his arm towards Mary and launched a beam at her, imprisoning her in a transparent bubble. “You think you two girls can stop me?” He mocked, with the air of invincibility. “Don’t be foolish.”
He finished his statement with a sinister laugh. “I’ll leave you in good company,” he said in farewell, vanishing into a cloud of smoke.
“It’s you who’s the fool!” Bear shouted. “Rest assured they’ll defeat you!”
Hennig approached his friend, trying to calm him and reminding him that there was still a Zanom nearby.
“Yes, yes, you’re right,” Bear agreed, collecting his wits. “We need to figure out how to get rid of these Zanom. Let me think.” He paused for a moment, and then exclaimed, “Here’s some Valk grass! Look in your bag for some leaves, Hennig.”
“Ah, yes, I have some here,” Hennig replied, pulling them out. “I’ll make a ball out of these.”
But the Zanom, seeing the powwow between Bear and Hennig, took the opportunity to pounce on them. Shocked, Hennig screamed at the top of his lungs. Danni approached from behind and struck the attacking Zanom as hard as she could, throwing the creature to the ground.
Bear shoved the ball of Valk grass and leaves into the mouth of the Zanom, and within a moment, the creature fell to the ground.
Hennig and Bear took guard, looking around them in preparation for another Zanom attack.
Bear kept his hands behind his back, and Hennig watched him wide-eyed with worry at his seeming vulnerability as the Zanom jumped towards him. Suddenly, Bear struck the Zanom’s neck as hard as he could with a lightning stone, and it fell to the ground, dazed. Hennig threw himself on the Zanom, forcing it to swallow the ball of Valk grass. It almost immediately took effect, causing the creature to twist and roll. The Zanom held his wings to his throat, and then exploded, turning into ash.
“Mary!” Bear shouted, trying to destroy the bubble that had encased her, but to no avail. “I have to ask Loken how to reverse this spell,” he said in desperation. “I can’t remember.”
“He definitely knows,” Hennig replied. “Only, I don’t know how to contact him. Sending the owls will take too long.”


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