Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Castle inspired me for Hyperearth

Hello writers and readers 
I would like to give you one tip about my book Hyperearth. 
Visiting some years ago this castle in Slovakia, i had the idea of creating my book.
There are two castles in my book, one is on earth and at Lubena where with Martina and Mary started  the travel, and it's this one i mean. the second is the castle of sorcerer Sathon that is in Hyperearth.
Lubena is the name i have given, the city i'm inspired is  Stará Ľubovňa, Slovakia.

Here is the excerpt from my book: 

"In the hills of Lubena – the town where the girls lived – there was a castle nearby. The verdant town was surrounded by the lofty Tatra mountains. The castle belonged to Count Lasky, and some said that he practiced magic, but many thought this was a mere legend— one of the many that circulated throughout the village" 

I don't know if it is there the Khenon (the portal that brings to Hyperearth)  but who knows maybe!  

here links for knowing more about it

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