Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Piri Reis Map

Hello writers and readers, I enclosed Piri Reis Map on my book Hyperearth since it is a extraordinary example of mystery of this middle age times. 
For who don't know about this map here is something that explain it.

The Piri Reis map is a world map compiled in 1513 from military intelligence by the Ottoman admiral and cartographer Piri Reis. Approximately one-third of the map survives; it shows the western coasts of Europe and North Africa and the coast of Brazil with reasonable accuracy. Various Atlantic islands including the Azores and Canary Islands are depicted, as is the mythical island of Antillia and possibly Japan.
The historical importance of the map lies in its demonstration of the extent of exploration of the New World by approximately 1510, and in its claim to have used Columbus's maps, otherwise lost, as a source. It used ten Arab sources, four Indian maps sourced from the Portuguese and one map of Columbus. More recently it has been the focus of pseudohistoric claims for the premodern exploration of the Antarctic coast.

 Here is one extract from Hyperearth about Piri Reis map:

Martina unrolled a yellowed map, elaborately detailed with mountains, grassland, lakes, and rivers, but she noticed the northern coast of Antarctica was without a trace of ice or snow. 
“I’ve read about this,” she commented. “But the language on this map is incomprehensible.”
Danni hesitated, not knowing what to say. “All I know is that this language is not from anywhere close to where we live. The map must have been inherited. There are many objects that Loken can’t even tell the origin of, nor who made them. Some of them are many centuries old.”
“I see what you mean,” Martina replied. “But I do know that the admiral Piri Reis drew maps of Antarctica in 1513, before it had been discovered.”
“Interesting,” Danni remarked.
“What if I told you the last time that Antarctica was without ice was in 4000 BC?” Martina further explained. “It’s incredible. A real mystery.”

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