Monday, February 23, 2015

Approaching Sathon Castle

Hello writers and readers,  here another excerpt from Hyperearth :

“We’ll get to Rolkov soon,” Kestrel said. “And I think that man can help us find the way.” He pointed to a person in the near distance.

“Who is he?” Martina asked.

“He is a guardian. The guardian of a cemetery.”

“Ah, well, we could have easily missed him,” Mary sneered, a bit disconsolate.

“Girls, enough of your trouble. Just keep walking,” Kestrel commanded, irritated.

The girls lagged a bit behind Kestrel, so they could gossip to each other. Martina whispered to Mary, “The idea of meeting this guardian doesn’t thrill me. As it seems to be Kestrel’s friend, I’m suspicious of him too.”

“Yeah, that’s what I think also,” Mary replied. “Let’s keep an eye out that Kestrel’s not making up stories again.”

All of them reached a gate, where Kestrel approached the guardian, a middle-aged man in a dark coat. He was bald, with only a little bit of hair on the sides of his head, and had a worn face with sunken eyes.
After examining his appearance, Mary leaned towards Martina’s ear and whispered, “He seems more like an undertaker than a guardian!” Martina smirked at the comment, as the two men continued to chat. Mary scanned the cemetery, seeing that it looked abandoned, except for a few gravestones, some broken, with indecipherable ancient inscriptions

“I know you’re from Earth,” Rolkov addressed the girls. “I’ll tell you what I know that will help you defeat Sathon.” He continued by saying that he was relegated there by Sathon, who had saved him from danger, but in exchange, forced him to be the cemetery guard. “Sathon is very powerful, but if you channel his weaknesses, you can get rid of him once and for all,” Rolkov said. The girls listened attentively, and the guardian continued: “I remember seeing a large stone on the floor of one of his rooms. It was purple and shaped like an egg, and radiated a powerful energy. I’m sure it’s something important to him.”

“Hmmm, interesting,” Kestrel replied, intrigued.

“So, do you think it’s a source of energy for Sathon?” Martina asked.

“It’s probable,” Rolkov replied. But just as he had finished speaking, the tombstones began to rumble, as if they were dancing. The group shivered in fear—all except for Rolkov, that is—and the owl that was perched on one of the stones even jumped up into flight. Rolkov told everyone not too worry, because it was what happened when someone talked too much about “him,” meaning Sathon, but whom he didn’t name. Rolkov explained that Sathon’s ancestors, who were buried there, had woken up when they heard him mentioned and moved the stones with what power they had that remained, but could do nothing more. The girls were paralyzed with fear, but were also grateful that the gravestones had stopped moving and silence had overtaken the cemetery again. 

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