Monday, March 16, 2015

Monday Excerpt

Hello writers and readers, 
Here is another excerpt about my book Hyperearth: 

“It’s Darden!” Kestrel exclaimed, trembling in fear.
“One of Sathon’s relatives, maybe?” Martina asked softly.
“Yes,” Kestrel replied, still shaking. “He was his grandfather, and was the most evil of the whole lineage.” Martina approached him to try to calm him a bit.
Meanwhile, the noise persisted. Mary called Martina over. “Look at this! The drawer under the puzzle is moving!”
The drawers were flying out of the desk, and the girls waited impatiently for the chaotic movement to cease. The last drawer stopped halfway open, only about eight inches. The girls peered in it but were disappointed to find that it was empty.
“Amazing!” Martina grumbled. “All this trouble for nothing, just an empty drawer?”
“Shhh, listen!” Mary quieted her. They heard the noise of something rolling, slowly approaching them. Then suddenly, something appeared in the drawer!
“Hurray!” Martina exclaimed, uncontrollably happy. “I knew there had to be something in there.”
Inside the drawer was a sealed envelope, fastened by two red ribbons that held a tiny key. Instead of a hole at the head of the key, there was a symbol of a rampant dragon and a cornucopia. “I wonder what this envelope has inside of it, and what the key opens,” Martina mused aloud.
“The best thing would be for Bear to take a look at it,” Kestrel suggested. “Then we can see here what the key is used for.”
“I guess you’re right,” Mary agreed. “Anyway, I see that you’re better. You were really in a daze for a while.”
“You don’t know Darden,” Kestrel began. “All of his wicked deeds have been talked about for centuries. Even though he died hundreds of years ago, his brutality affected a lot of people. That’s why, when I saw his picture, I nearly had a heart attack.” His voice quivered with nervousness. 

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