Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Thursday Excerpt

Hello  writers and readers, good Thursday to all, here one excerpt of Hyperearth : 

Hennig nodded in agreement. Bear was the first to set foot on the bridge, followed by Mary, Kestrel, and the lynx. Even if it swayed at times, the bridge seemed rather secure. The wood that they walked on creaked, causing them some apprehension, but they managed to reach the end.

Bear raised his hand to signal for the others to cross. Only, while the others had set foot on the bridge, Kestrel stepped on some branches that momentarily woke the gatekeeper. He opened his eyelids a crack several times, still sleepy. However, he then caught sight of Bear and Kestrel, who both looked petrified. The gatekeeper woke up at once. He had yellow eyes and shouts that sounded more like a wild animal growling. Frightened, Mary screamed. The man was ready to leap at Kestrel, but the lynx attacked him just in time, throwing him to the ground. As soon as the rest of the group reached the other side of the bridge, Hennig helped to pick up the fainted gatekeeper and put him back in the chair.

“Let’s put him back how he was before, so as to not arouse suspicion,” Bear ordered. “Give me a white mushroom.”

“Since he’s fainted, it’s best to give it to him in powder form,” Hennig suggested.

Bear crushed the white mushroom with a stone, poured it in the man’s mouth, and then washed it down with water. “Good. For a day he’ll be just fine, and beautifully rested,” he said.

“Beautiful?” Mary exclaimed. “Are you kidding, Bear? With those eyes, he scares the wits out of me.”

“I’m sorry you’ve had to go through this,” Bear apologized. “But luckily we managed. Let’s take his keys.” 


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