Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Wednesday Excerpt

Hello to all, here another excerpt from Hyperearth:

“After Sathon cursed the land, we couldn’t come here anymore, but now we finally can again,” Hennig said.

The two girls were puzzled, though, and didn’t understand how the spell could be broken so quickly. At the end of the gravel road, they reached a gate that was half iron and half shrubs, surrounded by high hedges. It was green and lush, and a bit strange in appearance. After Hennig opened the gate, Mary and Martina stopped to carefully behold the huge gardens. It was full of flowers and plants – some familiar and others unlike anything they’d ever seen before – and a maze of hedges twining around statues. Suddenly, Mary’s feet levitated in the air at least six feet.

“Help! What’s going on!” she exclaimed, afraid.

Hennig and Danni smiled. “Don’t worry,” Danni assured Mary. “We told you it was a magic garden.”

“Easy for you to say,” Mary grumbled, a little annoyed. “You’re not in the air.” Hearing that, Danni looked at Hennig, and they both floated in the air next to Mary.

“Now you can’t complain,” Hennig said.

“Okay, but I want to come down,” Mary protested.

“Close your eyes and imagine lowering down,” Danni advised, who was now already standing on the ground with Hennig. Mary nodded and closed her eyes. Slowly, she lowered down, and the others looked at her, pleased at her ability to do as they had. Even after Mary’s feet met the ground, she kept her eyes fastened shut.

“Mary, you can open your eyes,” Danni finally instructed.

“Am I back down already?” Mary asked, surprised.

“Come on, let me show you the maze,” Danni invited.

“But this maze is too easy!” Mary commented, looking at the low hedges.

“When you enter it, you’ll change your mind,” Hennig replied. “If you get lost, just close your eyes and think for a moment.”

Mary and Martina entered the labyrinth, confident in their ability to find their way to the exit. But, after they turned the first corner, the hedges rose several feet. Martina covered her mouth in disbelief. While at first it was easy to look over them, now they couldn’t and the girls realized that finding their way out would be more challenging than they anticipated.

“Okay, we must go on,” Mary encouraged her friend. “It’s not like we should give up as soon as it looks harder than we thought.”

Meanwhile, Danni and Hennig looked at them with intrigue, because from the outside the hedges looked as short as they had before, but the tall hedges that confounded Mary and Martina were only a mirage. As they explored the maze, they caught site of a man with a strange hat, who quickly disappeared.

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