Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thursday Excerpt


The girls found themselves walking through what seemed to be the outskirts of a village, along the main road, but without a person in sight.
“This place gives me the shivers,” Mary commented. Suddenly, to their surprise, the two girls caught site of people motionless all around them—some on the street, some on the sidewalk.
“They seem to have been turned into statues!” Mary remarked.
As they examined the human statues, they suddenly heard the low but firm voice of a man dressed in a dark coat and hat. “What are you doing here? Are you crazy? Do you want to end up like these people? Come here!” Shocked, the girls abided by his advice and followed him into his house.
“What’s wrong?” Mary asked.
“Hmm, where are you from? Sathon the sorcerer has cast a spell on these people and you can’t go outside. If he sees you, he’ll turn you both into pillars of black stone!” It was only at that point that the man decided to introduce himself. “My name is Ron Mulley,” he said with a bow, taking off his hat. “And I know how Sathon can be cheeky!”
“Sorry, sir! We didn’t know. We’re new here,” Martina replied.
“And where do you come from? Another dimension?” Mulley asked.
The girls looked at each other, feeling awkward. “Well, we are from Earth.”
“Aha, I knew it! People on Earth are careless and superficial, and it’s been a long time since we met one.”
“What an arrogant man,” Martina whispered to Mary.
“What was that?” Mulley asked in suspicion.
“Nothing, nothing,” Mary insisted.
“Well, let me bring you to Bear. He knows about people from the dimension of Earth. Follow me,” Mulley instructed.
The girls followed him into a cellar and then through a well-lit tunnel. “When Sathon turns wicked, we move into these tunnels,” Mulley remarked. They arrived at a door displaying a carving of two wolves, and as the door opened, a towering man with a giant moustache appeared. It was Bear. Mulley showed the girls to a couple of chairs to sit down, and then left them.
“I’m Bear Kolos. First of all, I want to tell you congratulations! It’s been a long time since people from Earth came this far.”
“Nice to meet you Bear,” Martina responded, polite but still apprehensive of their surroundings. “I’m Martina and this is Mary.”
“You’ll see that this dimension is a bit different from Earth, but you’ll get used to it,” Bear said in a friendly tone.
“Get used to it? But we already want to go home!” Martina answered resolutely.


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